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Regardless if you have Apple or Windows devices, or a even a mix, we will support your school, college or university, providing a reliable and responsive service.

We provide IT support for schools, colleges universities across the UK.

Not only do we support schools who have Window products, as we are certified Apple service providers, we are on of the UK’s only IT companies that are able to service schools who have one or the other or a mix of Windows and Apple products, ensuring that they are seamlessly integrated and fully secure across internal and external networks.

IT Support for schools

From protecting your students via internet safety solutions through to supporting your pupil and teacher home drives and email accounts, we will put in place a solution thats right for your school and provide the support that you need.

Apple and Windows

IT Support for EducationHaving successfully deployed Apple into world leading banks and financial institutions, independent and state schools, universities and a wide range of businesses we have a strong track record in supporting the education and business environment.

We work with our clients to ensure that the solution they have helps them save time and money such as implementation of mobile device management systems that can update hundreds of devices at the touch of a button.

Check out our case studies from our clients within the education to find out how we have helped them overcome challenges such as managing mobile devices, data sharing, security, high costs and lack of efficiency.

Contact us today or complete our quiz to generate a free assessment on where your school could save money.



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