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Many businesses, schools and universities are facing the challenge of deploying and securely managing Apple devices across their internal and external networks, giving the best user experience to users but making sure there is no increase in support requirements or compromise security. At OPAL we have been working with Apple products for over 20 years. We have successfully deployed Apple into world leading banks and financial institutions, independent and state schools, universities and a wide range of businesses. This is our core strength; we can deploy, manage and support Apple devices in any environment.

Using products such as Jamf Pro, this enables us to help users easily manage and support Apple on their network.  From Imaging to deploying Patch updates, we will guide you through the whole process.  For users wanting to integrate with your current Windows Server environment and secure networks, we use Acronis Access Connect.  Acronis Access Connect is the best file and print sharing solution for integrating Macs into the Enterprise, including file access from mobile devices.  Access Connect is the only solution that presents the rich experience Mac users demand when connecting to Windows or NAS file servers, while maintaining compatibility required by IT.  Over 80% of businesses use Apple, we know how to make sure these devices are able to connect to resources and access data in a secure, reliable and easy way.

Businesses are often wary of the cost effectiveness of using Apple products, but this myth is being rapidly debunked.  The world’s largest user of Apple products – IBM –  are estimating savings of approximately $270 (up to $540 dependent on model) per Macbook used versus a traditional PC, with this mainly being attributed to lower IT support costs and better residual value of the Mac.  Over the past year, IBM have implemented a rollout of Macs internally since it introduced Apple computers as a user option, with 130,000 Mac and iOS devices deployed.  They are adding an additional 1,900 Macs each week and have selected Jamf Pro  to complete the deployment, using Apple’s Device Enrolment Program to facilitate the process.  These thousands of Macs are supported by just 24 help and support staff – only 5% of IBM’s employees using Macs require support from their IT Help Desk, in contrast to an astonishing 40% of staff using PCs.

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Mac @ IBM

In 2015, IBM let their employees decide – Windows or Mac. “The goal was to deliver a great employee choice program and strive to achieve the best Mac program,” Previn said. An emerging favorite meant the deployment of 30,000 Macs over the course of the year. But that number has grown. With more employees choosing Mac than ever before, the company now has 90,000 deployed (with only five admins supporting them), making it the largest Mac deployment on earth. Hear how IBM made their program a success and how the results are even better one year later.

Talk to us about integrating Apple in to your business, and we can help you reduce the cost of hardware ownership, reduce the number of support requests and improve your user experience.


  • “Opal’s solutions have provided us with a powerful, flexible network core that is scalable and will perform well for many years. This is vital to a school as education changes as rapidly as technology.”



  • “The service we have received from Opal has been first-class from the outset. They took the time to fully understand the issues we were facing and worked with our technical team closely to deliver the right solution in the tight timescales we had – on budget.”



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