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Moving with the times

A thriving communications firm needs a flexible IT system that can allow the business to grow and flourish.
This has been aptly demonstrated by Guerilla, a fully integrated, results-driven creative and digital communications agency that has expanded steadily since its launch in Newcastle in 2002.

The company delivers a wide range of services including branding, advertising, design, public relations, web development, SEO, video animation and digital signage. While the first few years were all about establishing the brand and getting a foothold in the market, the last few have focused on growing the company’s footprint, expanding its service provision and winning new business with firms in the food and drink, pharmaceutical, sports and leisure industries.

All of that has been achieved – but success has been a double-edged sword.

James Allen, managing director of Guerilla, said: “As we’ve grown, we’ve had to collect and store more data about our clients and our IT has been struggling keep up. Our previous servers, which had served us well in the past, were reaching the end of their shelf-life and the systems were getting slower.

“We currently hold around 12 terabytes of data and we’ve increased our staff numbers to 15, which means more people using hardware and accessing and transferring the data. Our business had moved on, but our IT hadn’t.”

Guerilla called on Opal to create a sustainable solution that would cater for the firm’s immediate and future growth. Opal installed new physical and virtual servers, recommended a new internet provider and installed secure, cloud-based back-up solutions that would protect the increasing amounts of data held by Guerilla. As part of the contract, Opal also provides the company with ongoing IT maintenance, advice and support.

This new IT infrastructure will support Guerilla as it looks to double turnover within the next twelve months and recruit more staff.

Mr Allen said: “We’ve increased our data capacity four-fold and we now have an IT system that’s fit-for-purpose and tailored to our growth plans. Another good thing about having decent IT is that it gives our customers more confidence in us. Our contracts with pharmaceutical clients specify that we need good IT processes in place otherwise they won’t deal with us.

“The new GDPR rules are forcing companies to think about how they store their IT but it’s good practice anyway to have these processes in place. Without Opal’s support, we’d have been stuck with an archaic IT system that would have eventually hindered business growth. The installation and migration went smoothly and the general support from Opal has been brilliant.”

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