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Facebook data breach highlights value of cyber security

Cambridge Analytica made global headlines recently after managing to get hold of data on around 50 million Facebook users collected via a personality testing app.
This has led to suggestions that the information could have persuaded some people to vote for Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

While the incident is not a data breach in the traditional sense – a malicious hacker breaking into a server, for example – it does highlight the ease with which information stored about people can be shared.

It also shows how important it is for companies to have a decent IT infrastructure in place to protect the data they hold about their business, staff and clients.

Andy Metcalfe, managing director of Opal, said: “Loss of data can lead to a decrease in productivity and profitability. In some cases, it could even put a company out of business.

“That’s why it’s so vital to protect your business information within a secure, robust and flexible IT infrastructure. Having a latest-generation firewall to protect from malicious links and stop external attacks, backing up all data offsite, keeping anti-virus software up to date and putting the latest operating system patches on all computer operating systems are key steps that should be taken by all businesses, regardless of their nature or size. This is where Opal step in, as we can manage and monitor a customer’s IT infrastructure so the client can focus on running the business.”

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