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JD Wetherspoon Apologise For Customer Database Breach

“We received information on the afternoon of the 1st December that some customer data may have been stolen by a third party (often referred to as ‘hacking’). An urgent investigation by cyber security specialists was instigated. At 5.45pm on the 2nd December the security specialists informed us that the customer database related to our old website was breached (or hacked) between 15th and 17th June 2015. This website has since been replaced in its entirety. Our current website is managed by a new digital partner. The new partner has no connection to the website that was the subject of the breach of security.”

Receiving emails similar to the above which I personally received late last night, are becoming too regular an occurrence in our day to day lives. Is this the price we pay for an ever advancing digital world?

My initial surprise was that I was on Wetherspoon’s customer database if I’m honest, a newsletter sign-up years ago I presume. Receiving an email like this, no matter who they’re from always manage to make me feel a little uneasy, but not at all surprised.

BIG DATA is a term that has been prominent in the IT world throughout 2015, and it’s going away. With more and more companies collating customer and client data, the security of this information needs to be at the forefront of peoples minds. We’re all to happy to sign up to a newsletter that will get us a 10% discount, or an early bird link to gig tickets, but we never stop to think about who may get hold of our information at the other end.

“We cannot confirm whether any of your personal data was included in this breach. However, I wanted to make you aware immediately and apologise on behalf of the company.”

Prevention is better than the cure. An apology is all well and good, but now someone could be using my data without my knowledge or permission. Okay, so we can’t stop everyone, every time, but we can definitely work toward dramatically reducing these incidents surely.

I would like to offer my top three suggestions for preventing potential data breaches. These aren’t going to stop hacking, but they will certainly offer an increased level of security. For more information contact me, [email protected] 0330 22 33 011

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Device Security
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