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Cybersecurity affects businesses now more than ever before, putting data, security, and productivity at risk. Threats such as social engineering, malware, phishing scams, and encryption viruses are becoming common and growing in sophistication by the day.

Protecting your data and your clients’ data is imperative but it’s not always easy.
Managing the various elements around cybersecurity is time-consuming and needs to be done correctly. With so many products and companies offering to help, OPAL has created a simplified way of managing your security. OPAL Shield is a combination of the latest technologies, delivered, updated and managed by trained engineers. For simplicity and cost management we bundle this into a simple monthly per-user cost. This negates the responsibility for the individual to manually manage security updates or to worry about clicking on rogue email or web links. Our solution also supports web-logging for users’ internet activity. This includes blocking certain types of websites meaning users cannot access them from inside your corporate network, reducing security risks and improving productivity.

With OPAL Shield we can support and secure your macOS, Windows and mobile devices endpoints whether they are on the corporate network, or working on an insecure public network. This provides peace of mind that the devices are secured even when in the most vulnerable environments. We can also provide secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) access to Windows Servers ensuring they are securely locked down to prevent unauthorised access.

Any OPAL client who uses OPAL Shield will also have access to an experienced OPAL engineer to provide free Cyber Security training to their users. OPAL Shield works alongside OPAL Cloud for secure, encrypted, off-site backup so you can be confident that your users, devices and data is fully protected.


Internet filtering and monitoring

Monitoring internet activity has many benefits, including checking for malicious links received via email or blocking inappropriate content.

Email backup and archive

OPAL Shield goes beyond traditional archiving; creating a secure, cloud-based, indexed and tamper-proof archive for all email data. You can retrieve historical emails even if the account has been closed or deleted.

Email spam protection

OPAL Shield blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses, malware and other email threats. OPAL provides advanced email security for your business without making it complicated. Unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing and illicit content are just some of the levels of unwanted email blocked by OPAL Shield.

Virus avoidance and detection

Receiving files via email, downloads or portable media can pose a significant risk without a suitable file checking procedure. OPAL Shield runs regular scans on machines including any downloaded and transferred files.

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