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Providing your organisation with a managed service for deploying security and application updates

The updating of macOS applications has always been a manual time-consuming process that takes up valuable IT resource. Without careful monitoring, various applications can become outdated and this opens up security risks to the machine and network due to unpatched applications being more susceptible to malicious attacks.

Reduce your security risk and costs by outsourcing software and security updates for users in a fully controlled and monitored way.

We offer a subscription service to enroll all of your macOS devices into our fully managed OPAL Software Update Server. Our support team at OPAL monitor over 200 macOS applications on a daily basis and will download, package and automatically update any critical business applications when required. The process can be completely silent to the end user, or we can provide you with your own company app store containing all of your software packages for Mac users to install and update themselves.

All our packages are validated and uploaded to a secure cloud distribution point. This means your endpoints can receive any update, anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Fully automated solution
  • 200+ supported applications
  • Flexible deployment policies
  • Security compliant (Cyber Essentials / GDPR)
  • Free up internal resource
  • MDM agnostic

How Does Patch Management Work?

Fully automated solution – The clients check in with the OPAL Software Update Server every hour and will immediately install any critical updates that are available.

200+ supported applications – Our team of certified Apple engineers check over 200 applications per day to make sure all of your endpoints are fully compliant from day zero.

Flexible deployment policies – Our server can deliver applications or software patches to individual, department or company-wide endpoints. This includes the ability to test patches in a test group before deploying to the live environment.

Security compliant – Patch reports are centrally managed by our support team so we can remediate and bring you back up to compliance as soon as possible.

Free up internal resource – As this manual and time-consuming process is now fully automated, your internal IT resource can get back to IT support.

MDM agnostic – The solution is completely MDM agnostic which means it can work with any major MDM solution on the market. You don’t actually need an MDM solution but we do recommend your devices are managed to keep them fully secure.

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