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Acronis Files Connect (formerly Acronis Access Connect) eliminates performance and compatibility problems, making it easy to connect Macs to Windows File Servers and NAS.

For seamless Mac to Windows integration, Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) is a file-sharing service that runs on a Windows server so Macs can connect easily via Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), eliminating the known issues with Server Message Block (SMB), including file corruption, disappearing files, long delays and crashing applications.

We can integrate your Macs into your Active Directory (so users can log onto a Mac like a Windows Machine), stop server disconnects, network file corruption and slower speeds, enable faster Spotlight indexing and a whole host of other benefits by simply running this innovative software on your current environment.  And as Acronis Files Connect is a server-side solution, all Macs are automatically supported, no matter the version of OS they’re running.

Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP):

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  • “Previously our IT systems were quite slow and prone to error but Opal’s solution has allowed the business to run much more efficiently and securely. Our production times have increased, there’s much less downtime and our data storage and disaster recovery capabilities are far more robust.”

    Denis Fitzgerald

    Operations Manager | YRG

  • “Opal’s wealth of knowledge on the iPhone really shone through, not only in these training sessions but on the whole project.”

    Robin Greener

    Continual Service Improvement Co-ordinator | ISOS Housing Group

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