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Why move to Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud based solution that allows users to access your Microsoft Office applications from any device, anywhere at anytime.

Office 365

If you haven’t moved across already, here are the key benefits to making the switch:

#1 Office 365 frees up your server space, meaning less cost to run your own servers.

#2 It is accessible from any device, which means much more flexibility for your workforce. If they need to check and respond to an email out of hours, they can sign in from anywhere on any device with their username and password.

#3 You will always have the most up to date version. As it is cloud based, new software releases are automatic and don’t have large fees associated for upgrades. Office 365 is covered in a small monthly fee.

#4 Improved security. Regular updates means reduced risk against cyber criminals.

#5 Fantastic features to improve company communications and secure sharing of information, such as easy to share calendars, instant messenger, team chat and HD video conferencing.

As you can see, the benefits to businesses both large and small are fantastic.

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