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At Opal IT we provide responsive and reliable IT support for education.

The education sector has very different priorities and needs to that of businesses, and being experts in this field, Opal are the preferred supplier to many schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

We appreciate that every educational establishment has various levels of internal technical support and we will work with you, not just as a supplier, but as your partner, to understand what resources you already have in place so we can design the right support around you.

Typical IT issues in education resolved – giving back teaching time

Slow networks, poor security and unreliable IT hardware and equipment can have a huge impact on staff and pupils, wasting precious teaching time. This is a common issue within this sector that unfortunately adds more unnecessary pressure on staff and ultimately can have an impact on overall performance due to lost time.

We believe that schools should get the most out of their IT, giving staff the support and access to resources that they need to enhance learning experiences whilst always safeguarding pupils. If your current IT isn’t allowing you to do this, then maybe it’s time to have this reviewed.

Ofsted and the safeguarding of pupils online

As part of their online safety inspections, Ofsted have put in place strengthened measures in response to the Education Secretary’s requirement to protect children on line.

Since Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) was put in place in September 2016, Opal have been working with many schools across the UK ensuring they have appropriate filters and appropriate monitoring systems in place.

Are you Apple or Windows? Or both?

We are one of the UK’s few IT service providers that offer multi platform support, meaning that we support both Apple and Windows. We will service your school, college or university no matter which you use.

It is common for many educational organisations to have both Apple and Windows and we will seamlessly and successfully integrate these two systems.

Opal IT has the technical knowhow, education sector experience and the talented team to think about your requirements differently.

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With a score of 100% satisfaction from our customers for responsiveness, you can be assured that you will benefit from IT support that you can rely on.

Our team works closely with our clients to put in place the right level of IT support to meet the demands of your school, college or university.

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As one of few UK IT support providers who are experts in both Apple and Windows, we will ensure that whether you choose one or the other or a mix of both platforms, your staff and pupils will benefit from our ability to deploy the right solutions.

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Cyber crime is becoming an epidemic and is a very real threat to all organisations including schools, colleges and universities. It is vital that security is no longer put on the back burner for any organisation, particularly schools who hold sensitive pupil data.

Our team will put in place the right IT security solution for you, significantly reducing any risk that you may face.

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Your IT infrastructure should support your staff and pupils. A slow, unreliable and unsecure IT solution is not acceptable for any educational establishment. Precious teaching time should not be wasted trying to resolve these issues on a daily basis.

Our team will work with what resource you have to determine the best solutions for your school, college or university, for now and in the future; including data storage, data back up, networking and server management.

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GDPR Compliance

All schools hold pupil and parent data at the very least, so will be required, from May 2018, to be compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

If your school, college or university is not compliant you could risk hefty fines. Our service ensures that you will meet this regulation.

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