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iPad Pro : Business or Pleasure?

As of Wednesday 11th November the iPad Pro is available here in the UK, as well as over 40 other countries across the globe. It’s normally the latest iPhone which receives most of the attention following an Apple product launch event, however this year seems to have been the exception with the iPad Pro stealing the lime light.

So what is there to rave about? It’s Apple’s largest tablet to date, boasting a 12.9” Retina Display with a resolution of 2048×1563, squeezing in a total of 5.6 million pixels! Sporting the A9X processor, when it comes to performance it doesn’t disappoint. Can you believe it’s apparently 22 times faster than the original iPad!

The key question our clients have been asking since this supersized device was announced back in September has been ‘Is this device designed for business or pleasure?’ And that is the question we aim to answer in today’s blog post.

The problem we face is no one really knows which angle Apple are approaching this from, which leaves the target audience for the device open to discussion and interpretation. It’s not a laptop replacement in any way, shape or form which is what businesses would surely be looking for, yet it still has the capabilities to be a lot of things to a lot of people. From a business perspective the larger screen lends itself well to those in creative and design industries, especially when combined with the stylus, specifically designed to make drawing and sketching feel as natural as pen on paper.

Now while the Apple Pencil is not the iPad Pro’s primary input system or a replacement for multitouch, it’s a fantastic new piece of kit. The tall slim-line pencil is an optional accessory that gives you additional precision when you need it for specific tasks, such as drawing, annotating, or manipulating fine lines and points on the screen. The Pencil connects to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth and it takes advantage of the Coalesced and Predictive Touches APIs introduced with iOS 9. The clever little gadget has built in pressure sensitivity and can detect the angle you’re holding it allowing you to use it like a real pen, pencil or brush. So as we mentioned if you’re a creative person or someone who needs to annotate documents on a regular basis on the iPad, the Pencil is a must-have.

With the smart keyboard add-on, the tablet is definitely starting to look more like a business device than ever before, and lends itself well to on the go requirements such as email and document writing. It’s certainly not going to replace your day to day laptop or desktop computer, but it would be a handy tool for businesses.

Where’s the catch you ask? That would be Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, unlike previous iPad models, with the iPad Pro’s 12.9” screen a 365 subscription is required. The iPad Pro may not stand out for business users when compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, but we think it’s certainly something to consider.

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